Monday, August 3, 2009 @ 10:52 PM
Overview of Today!!!
Back again....nth to do so decided to blog ba...for today one word can describe is "Boring".THis was because every monday i will have lecture from morning 8am to 10am after that we have break until 1pm.Today different as our lecturer was on mc,our lessons were all cancel and we come to school for test only.SOund Boring right??Yes indeed can you imagine u reached school around 9am and standing outside the lecture hall doing nothing like idiot until 12pm??I dun think it's fun right...hahas^_^ I was hanging around there until 12pm then we went for the test.Today the test was really quite tough.Especially was the MCQ,The question come out was different from what i expected.There were 7MCQ qns and out of 7 i dunno how to do 3 question.So there only 1 way for me.That was throw "dice" or "ME NI MONEY ME NI MORE". Not bad this method really was useful and i manage to get 1question correct least save the 2marks rather throw away.After the test went to Koufu to eat lunch with moon and others.THat the fun part come where moon favourtie gals in his eyes appear in koufu and was siting in the direction facing Moon.About a few table away.So i decided to see this gal and i stand out immediately and see but from left to right still cant see.And the MOOn keep saying dun make so obivous la...SHe know you de...^_^BUT i dun care i just stand there look awhile then sit back down.And Moon was like Paiseh dao siao...Seeing his paiseh face really very funny.But seriously Moon taste really very high class.That gal can be consider 1st class in my point of view.Hahas^_^ After our lunch we went for our last IPC lab today.For today the experiment was really very long winder beside asking you to do the titration,they still ask you measure the PH value and not measure the End point so simple.Is measure 2ml by 2ml and to a certain amount measure 0.2 ml by 0.2 ml.And if u though was finish still not yet after you reach the end point u need to measure the PH value by putting 2ml by 2ml excess into the solution.This make me giddy when u focusing ur both eyes to a point ur eyes will be strain to the maximum and your eyes will get fatigue easily making you giddy or tired.But for last lab what to do?Have to endure it man....After lab i decided to call my group "angelz" to do Semester Project.End result kana distracted by COunter strike....And from 5pm onward all the way to 8pm we all was playing game all the way when we have our formal presentation on thursday sia...^_^but nvm treat it as a reward for us since we been so hardworking for today....^_^And after that we went home^_^and that is the overview of what i have done today....^_^

Going to sleep le...^_^tmr still a long day for me...SIgning off le...^_^ THX FOR Reading.....:)

Saturday, August 1, 2009 @ 12:55 AM
Another Day have pass....
Just come back home...Suddenly feel like blogging dunno why sia...^_^Today went to school as per normal and got back my Engineering math quiz result.Out of 20 i get 18 not bad sia...Hahas^_^ Then went to IPC lab,Say dao lab sianz...i haven finish my lab report 8 going to go crazy le....cause the lab report 8 can say the toughest of all lab report so i cant do is quite normal ba...After lab i went out of school compound to eat as i have diffculty in finding seat in NyP it was lunchtime so there will be alot of people in 3 canteen so better to go out eat.So i go out and order 1 chicken rice to eat.That stallowner who was serving me very xialan sia....^_^Dunno how to say him...when i finish order and was about to give money he say "300"Dollar.I was like stunned and thinking 1 chicken rice cost "300"dollar??his chicken rice make of gold or meat import from russia??But end result cost 3 dollar onli...After giving the money i ask for a bowl of soup as u see cant be eating a chicken rice without soup right???So i ask him and just nice my chio bu friend stand infront of the uncle and uncle straight away ignore me and say to my friend want to eat wat???And i try ask again he straight xl me...By saying "NO" u wan take urself.WTF where got this kind of service de....sibei du lan so i give him a du lan face so he got no choice but to give me that bowl of stupid soup and it taste suck!!!After lunch as usual went back to school for my CEP lecture until 4pm after that Was my favourite Lan with my TEam!!hahas^_^ went to Netforce with eddie,zk,sly,kel and play 5hours.Overall,we play 5matches and we lost 3 matches sia...dunno why we lose until no morale sia...hahas^_^

That for all....Time to sign off le...^_^ going to dota le...Thx for Reading^_^

Thursday, July 30, 2009 @ 8:49 PM
Back Again AFter so Much Error in MY BLoG!!!!
Whoo...Finally i am Back after So many days of slacking and lazy to blog.Hahas...For this week Quite interesting in school as on monday .i went to buy Formal pants with Moon and others at Orchard as my Formal presentation need it.We went there to shop for 3hours sia...You all will wonder why Guys shop for so long??The answer is because of SHoes.Actually i already brought my pants at G2000 long ago but moon wanted to buy his shoes so we went to "pedro" to see.And this "see,see"took us 1hour plus...Cause Moon keep figuring whether to wear Black shoes or white shoes.After much thinking Moon decide to buy the white colour shoes which cost around 90Bucks.That for my Monday activities for Tuesday onward there is nothing special as per normal went to school and listen to lecture.DAmn Bored sia...Right now i am stuck on my Lab report which my date due is tmr!!!and right now i cant figure out how to do??Who can Help me???I guess i have to give my best shot ba....Hahas^_^

Signing Off le....Going to Dota with Kelvin They all le...Thx for Reading^_^

Sunday, July 19, 2009 @ 1:06 PM
Is it H1N1?

Finallly...after 1 weeks i am back to blogging again.Sry for Afking for 1 weeks.Seriously i am down with sickness for the whole week that why i cant even blog when i wanted too.Let's start with what really happened to me last week!!!hahas^_^ Actually,on monday and in the morning of tuesday,Nothing special happened like what i always did.Went to school,Go for lecture,joke around and went home.That it,i though it will be the same.Strange things happen on tuesday as i am sure for people who believe in buddha sure have some sort of safety charm or health charm in your wallet or what right??to me,the answer is "yes" i have in my wallet.According to my mother,she tell me not to put my wallet in the back pocket (which mean the pocket behind me).You should know where.^_^As the health charm will not protect me.And to us youngster nowadays those thing we do believe but to a small extent.And to me i just hack care and put my wallet in my back pocket as i find it troublesome when the wallet is beside me instead of behind me.Starting everything still went as normal until i went to school library for 3hours.The place there is simply very cold and i tot nth will happen to me.End result whole body started to heat in a cold condition and i knew i going to sick.And yes indeed i went home around 5pm during my Lesson and went to see doctor. Went to the clinic at Rivervale mall there,nowadays due to H1N1 everywhere precaution have been setting up even in the clinic there is no exception and nurse were wearing mask.The best part was when i go up to register a number,the first word that the nurse ask is Do you have Fever???Ok this seems normal maybe i am over-sensitive or what.End result i say yes she just giv me a mask to wear and once i wear, everybody face to me was like i tio H1N1.....zzzz

This is what i look like in the clinic.Look like H1N1 Patient meh??

The duration for waiting for the consulation is also damn bloody longggggggggggggg........Waited for 3 hours to finish the whole thing.Might as well go polyclinic see sua.....End result still need pay 33Dollars for 5 medicine and 1day Mc.That for Tuesday,the next days what thing i can do??The answer is "Rest&Survive".Slept for 20hours for that day and eaten the medicine 4 times.End result my body temperature 39.5 degree celsius is Equal to 312.5 Kelvin.So no choice Thursday went to see doctor again and get 2 more days Mc.Then on Friday i can move about freely thinking that i am all right so Went out for movies with my Brothers, Total got 9 of us going to watch Harry POk Gai..........
We went to Plaza singapura to watch this movies that was waited by Millions of People all over the world.Why i say this,Mainly is because when we want to buy the ticket for the movies there was onli left 1st or 2nd row of seat for us nia......From 5.15pm timeslot all the way to 1145pm timeslot all is selling fast.End result we have no choice but to sit infront for 2and a half hours.Overall,the movies is Average and the best part of the show is where Harry and Wesley's sister kiss.Which is so romantic and so envy sometimes.Because is a impossible to have some a beatiful scence in this realistic World.I would Rate this show 6/10 as the whole movies is all about what really happen and very little action scence and the spell i can heard is like "Arkecodabra","Hun Hun Dian Dao"(In chinese) and one spell from the half blood prince book that the snare have created.Anyone who knows what the 2 spell in english is please tell me in my TagBoard.Thx^_^
As i have say earlier that i think i am all right right?End result,the sickness come back again after i finish the movies and my whole body again feeling warm and cold at the same time but this time a bit worst was that headache occurs too.....And my temperature was about 38.4 degree celsius.But it is just a short period of time,the sickness easy come and easy go and saturday morning i back to normal again.Hahas^_^

For Saturday,As usual my saturday will always be about game.And went out with Kelvin,VIncent,Sylvester and eddie to a place call Grand link to make payment for our tournament next week.End result waste 1hour plus plus....Not even make payment just leaving name and contact number as the in charge is not here.Is like What the hell??? Waste our time from Punggol to Paya Lebar leh.....Write name Nia.... that what i feel.After that we went to Net force and play 6hours and went to eat Mac.This time i order VIncent always like to Order which is Mac SPicy Meal Upsize and maybe is i nv eat spicy for a long time i cant even eat as it is too spicy for me.BUt my dinner leh....cost 7Dollar plus no choice have to stuff it all in.....That for all for my 1week of Activities....

Thx for Reading^_^.............Remember To take Care of YOurself dun tio the same thing as me hor.....^_^

Saturday, July 11, 2009 @ 8:55 PM
School reopening Soon!!!(For mE)
Last 2 days left for me to slack le....cause my school reopen on coming monday.Stress sia...A lot of assignment need to submit and my common test result will be releasing soon(I think so ba).Back to reviewing ba.....Ytd Went to study with Xy and Adeline Differtiation.Not bad for me as a 1st timer.Hahas^_^B4 that we went to chomp chomp eat,We order 15 pork satay,3 plate of hokkien mee and 2 big cup of sugar cane.The food there simply delicious and we finish eating around 7.45pm.Then we went back to serangon mac to cont our study.That for Ytd Activity.Today,Wake up at 10.30am as i have to go out with my parent to visit my relative.We went to nearby shopping centre to have our lunch and take 159 straight to toa payoh to visit my relative and went home around 5pm.That for all of my activity....^_^

Thx for reading.....^_^

Thursday, July 9, 2009 @ 10:43 PM
FInally want to blog again...after being remind by weian to blog...hahas^_^Today my life can be quite colourful as i finish my common test le...And after common test, i and my friends went to AMk HUb lan to play LEft 4 dead.NOt bad as a first timer for the game.At least be infected i manage to catch some of the survivor but end result due to unbalance team,i Feed dao siao...hahas^_^but it's all right game nia...for us to relax ma.....Reach home around 5pm,Thank Yue liang for sending me home with his bike,Now then i know my head is really huge as i have difficulty wearing Yue liang Helmet O.o even though the helmet is in free size...That for all of my colourful Thursday,For tmr my activties is still unknown as i may go out study or may stay at home rot for 1 whole day.

Signing off le.....Thx for REading^_^

Saturday, July 4, 2009 @ 12:26 AM
A stress Day!!!
Back to blogging after 2 days of resting& slacking.Today is a stressful day for me as i have a lot of assignment to complete.Right now i have 2 assignment that need to be hand up by this week.Stress right??The 2 assignment is so confusing and the email is not CLEAR!!!Making me keep redoing again and again.Today wake up at 9am as i have a group study at NYP library at 10am.End result i reach there at 10.15am which can consider late and thought all my friend have already reach le...In the end i am the EARliest all my friend have not even reach.But what to do?The only solution is to wait for them and i stand outside the shopping arcade for 30mins like idiot for Yue Liang but no offence as this time is me waiting you,whos knows next time is you waiting for me hahas..^_^After meeting Yue liang he accompany me to have my lunch and breakfast.I ordered from Grinning Gecko(for NYP student they will know what it is)a plate of BBQ CHicken Chop Rice and it tastes heavenly and really make a bright start for my day.Hahas^_^After having my lunch we went straight to library to study,From 11am to around 4pm all about engineering math and not bad i know how to do some question which is a great improvement....After 4pm is my slacking and relieving stress period.For sure you all will know where i will go.The place that i will relieve stress is"Cyber Cafe".Today as usual went cyber cafe with Kel,Vincent,Eddie and Jin xing.We played 6 hours until 11.30pm then we went home.And now is where i am.Home Sweet Home......

That for all...time to sign off liao^_^THx For Reading^-^....Going to DOta with sly they all le^_^GOOD LUCK